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Filter two Lines.

A 2-line filter can be constructed with 2 single line filters!!

The trick is to find the correct adapters. (2 LINE TO DUAL SINGLE)
Modular plug in line splitters(combiners) can be purchased at Radio Shack and many other stores.
Radio Shack part # 279-402 or part # 279-432 will also work, if you use the L1 and the L2 outlet ports and leave the (L1 + L2) port empty.
Altex Electronics part 30-9655 will work.
The Ace hardware 2-line adapter works. (Part# At-9655-N) It is the one in the picture above.
The Fry's electronics also will work.

You will also need two short "pigtail" leads. You can e-mail us at ki6ky@comcast.net and we will supply these free of charge with your order.

An in-line coupler. All Electronics.com part #30-9655 .


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