I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am that your product exists. I was experiencing so much noise on my phone line that was preventing my fax equipment from receiving calls. It was actually hurting my business. Of course, the phone company was no help and claimed that my line supposedly passed their tests. On my own, I amplified the line and could hear a particular pattern of static that I suspected might be some kind radio interference. Not knowing what to do, I went to my local Radio Shack and purchased their “RF line-noise filter” with high hopes. Believe it or not, introducing this device actually made the problem WORSE. Instead of hearing varying static, I could then hear AM 640 coming through crystal clear on my telephone line. Having discovered that it was an AM radio station that was interfering, I scoured the internet for a better filter. That’s when I discovered your product. After being discouraged by the failure of Radio Shack’s finest, I was a little skeptical of your filter. However, I still needed a solution and was willing to give it a try. What really sold me was that a customer in one of your testimonials actually mentioned that he also tried the Radio Shack filter and found that it worsened his problem too! This compelled me to believe your site’s claims and actually give your AM filter a try. Sure enough, it reduced the interference COMPLETELY! When I amplify my line now, I don’t hear a speck of static and my faxes come in at high speed every time!
Thank you so much!
A satisfied user of the AM-1 filter
telephone rf filter

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W7EIB (Dave) and his RF power amplifier.

Jim W7KPT of Tonto Basin

Jeannie Perkins and WB6JBC

"Helicopter Bob" (N6HGG)
The picture is from 1991 click on the picture to hear a recent N6ETM/N6HGG QSO

CLICK HERE TO HEAR "ZL" GIVE 'EM HELL! (You may have to wait a minute until it plays.)

More "ZL" with the receiver AGC disabled.
This may take a while because it is a 300K file.
Recorded at Davis CA.

Click here to hear the "ZL 40 Mtr. Power shift" (illegal?)
Be patient this is a 600K file.

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