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Hi, I live about 200 yards away from an AM/FM station. It isn't very powerfull, but it's very close. I can live with the bleed thru on the telephone and answering machine, but my PC speakers have real strong fm signals. Can you suggest a remedy? Thanks

There are a number of ways for the RF to get into your computer speakers.

In this case, the most likely route is from the phone line through the modem and into your computer ,judging from everything else you told me.

Unplug the phone line from the computer and see if that fixes the problem . If that solves the problem then one of my filters will surely do the trick.

If not, then the actual speaker leads could be acting as antennas and funneling the RF into the audio system.

Try disconnecting the speakers and listening on headphones with the cord bunched up to keep it as short as possible. If that removes the interference then you need filtering at the computer end of the speaker leads.

You can make a filter by winding some of the speaker wire onto an Amidon Ferrite core (I can send you the info on which core to get and also Amidons phone number.

If neither of these things solves the problem then possibly the a.c. cord to the computer needs filtering near the entry point to the computer an Amidon core filter will work here also. In difficult cases it takes all of the above methods to solve the problem. I really suspect the telephone line in your case however.

I hope these suggestions help. Let me know what you find out. Sincerely,
John K. Browne

Click on the picture for RFI filter construction.

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