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I was looking at your web site and the filters RF-1 and AM-1. Maybe you can help clarify that this is what I'm looking for. We have DSL service (at 256kbs)from the LEC in our area. The dial tone comes over the same service (pair of wires). Prior to the installation of the DSL service, the phone line was very clear. Once the DSL was added, there is a background noise. The LEC gave us two filters that connect between each phone and the line. It's better with the filter than not, but it's a far cry from "clear". I forget the manufacturer of the filter. It seems rather silly to get more of these filters as the two we have don't really work.

Are the filters above what I am looking for? I gotta imagine your product is better than what the LEC gave us.

Thanks for the inquiry. Our filters are for radio interference, not dsl/voice separation. You need a "dsl filter" . I'm sure there are better quality ones than the ones that you have. There are lots of other manufacturers and you can probably find them by doing a search. They are different from RFI filters and they are used to separate the dsl data signal from the voice signals. The noise that you are hearing is the actual dsl data signal.
I hope that this is of some help to you.
John K. Browne.

I just visited your web site. I live in a new home developement, and there is an AM radiostation in the neighborhood with 3 gigantic antennas. In the daytime, I hear their DAMNED station on my phone! It is also fouling up my computer internet connection. I bought (what I though was an overpriced filter) from Radio Shack. It did NOTHING! After looking at the side of it, I read 6MHZ to a higher number. I am assuming it didn't cover the lower KHZ frqncys, and that is why it didn't work. Am I right? I have since returned it. I'm not a frequency expert, and need some help here. I saw you have a plug in device, and a "choke". Since I am not familiar with telephone wiring, and would like the simplest "plug-in" application, I am interested in the plug in model. How much is it, and above all WILL IT WORK? Can I trust your company? Thanks, B. K., ARIZONA

Our filter works better than Radio Shack's filter, but it costs more ($24.95 with free shipping). Yes you are correct. The Radio Shack filter that you purchased, is for short wave, not am broadcast. It is hard for me to assure you that our filter will completely solve your problem, because there are so many variable factors involved. A filter only reduces interference. It depends on how much interference is present. Our filters reduce the interference over a hundred times. This is adequate in most situations but it is not always adequate. That is why we will give a complete refund if you are not satisfied! Our filters have worked where Radio Shack has failed before, especially on the am broadcast band. What kind of radio station is it?? AM or FM or what???? Do you know what frequency it is on?????

John K. Browne

Hello, my name is Rich.
I have a problem with a guy next door to me who has a ham radio. He blows through my TV, Satellite dish, radio, and my phone. People have called the police and the police have called the FCC, guess what, nothing happened. He gives no regard to the complaints that comes his way. Here's my question. Is there anything on the market that I could use to jam his signals not just for me but also for the people around my neighborhood? He lives behind me and I was thinking that when ever he does his thing I could do my thing and jam him up. Please help us. Thank you.
p.s oh yes i live in the USA (state California)

Hello Rich,
Thanks for the email. There are things on the market and things that could be simply built that would jam your radio pest neighbor so he could not hear who he was talking too. However it wouldn't be right (possibly illegal even) for me to advocate jamming or give you advice on how to accomplish it.
Your main problem is because of your close proximity to a radio transmitter. Most of the modern devices, that we buy, are just not designed to operate so close to a radio transmitter. This includes telephones, answering machines, modems, stereos, tv etc.

You could probably solve most of your interference problems but you have to work on them one at a time.
If you just have one telephone connected to the line, the interference problem could probably be solved with one of our filters. There are situations where a filter does not help however. If there are other devices (answering machines, fax machines, modems etc. connected to the phone line, you should disconnect everything from the line except one phone. Try the filter on just that one phone and if the interference is gone you can re-connect the other devices one at a time listening to make sure the interference is still gone. If the interference returns then the offending device needs a filter or possibly if it plugs into the ac outlet it will need an ac rf filter.
The tv could be helped with a "good filter" at the antenna input terminal MFJ Enterprises ( phone 601 323 5869) has an excellent tv high pass filter: model MFJ-711 for $19.95.
The tv might also need an ac line filter.
Also any other "long wires" such as speaker wires, connecting cables etc can act as antennas and funnel radio interference into your equipment.
Fixing the tv might fix the satellite dish problem or it might be more complicated.

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