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To: Subject: Radio Interference on Telephones

You may be just what the doctor ordered. I live across the street from an AM radio station. On our remote phones, our speaker phones and now on my new computer, I pick the station as if I had a radio tuned in. We’ve lived with the phone problems for ages but now it is effecting the speed of my modem transfers (drastically). I have one computer with a modem as part of the sound card and it has worked well (the speakers are separate and external).
The modems (both internal and external) are receiving so much interference, it takes triple to quintuple the time to transfer data. I’ve been told to find an RFI modem cable which I will try. But the problem was just as bad or worse with an internal modem (which I returned thinking it was defective). Any ideas???? Basically, I've been having problems getting connected as quickly as I should, and when I'm online, any browser I use will usually "choke" on a simple page download and freeze, forcing me to force quit it. I've covered all my bases with the modem, my OS and my ISP, and all the techies I've spoken to point to my line quality. It would make sense that there be CB interference because I live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn NY that has truckers stopping off loads during the day. I suppose that they would be the ones using CBs as well as policemen. Another reason I suspect line interference is that I sent a set of "atdt" modem commands through my ISP number and usually get a line quality reading that leans towards "25". The ideal, I've been told, is anywhere between 0-25. A couple of times I did this check, I got some very weird gobbly gook in the text display--and this was when just dialing through this low overhead modem command program. I suspect that the same gobbly gook is coming through when I'm at http addresses online and crashing my browers. Basically, I'm at the end of my rope, and this is the last resort, other than getting a pricy ISDN. Does this info help you out a little more? I look forward to your response. Thanks,

Thanks for the quick response sending the filter. It did the trick and my modem is back up to speed once again. Thanks again for all your help.

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