Hello John I'm having a few problems in the neighborhood with my Ham AM transmitter getting into some phones. I operate 75M and 40M One family operates a business and has 2 line phones, RJ11 (RJ45??) four wires used for the two phone lines. How do your filters compare to K-COM?
John K. Browne wrote:
Hi Fred,
Our Single line filters work approx. 3 to 4 times better than the K-Com filters depending on the frequency. The K-Com 2-line filter does not work as good as their single line model. Our 2-line filter works as good as the K-com single line model but not as good as our single line model. Our filters work over a much wider band width than K-com's but are optimized for 40 and 80 mtrs.
Let me know what you think.

Thank you John for your response. I never got into the habit of K-Com for some reason. I would like to try 2 of your two line filter. I would really appreciate the opportunity to try them out , because they seem like they are optimized where I operate. I will set up an appointment with the neighbor. I hope that there will be success here. I promise I will give you a progress report.
Thanks very much.

Hi John, I finally touched down with the 2 line neighbor. The filters were a big hit. The RFI was in their two line phones without the filters. Of course, with the filters in place it is completely gone. Please send me one more 2 line filter. Thanks again for your help here, I might deal more with you in the future as the winter season starts I will be on more and I'll need more.

Click on the picture for RFI filter construction.

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