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I am the one who wrote you about the radio station being upgraded and comes in on my speakers and mic while on line. I live close to a radio station and it comes through the computer while I am on internet phone on the microphone and speakers. I went to radio shack and got the ferrite chokes and it didn't work at all. Please help me ..I have been trying to call the radio station and everytime I call the man is out.. so please is there some thing I can do? Thank you and have a good day today...I'm off to work ..the radio station is going to call me today not that it will do any good.
Ormond Beach,Florida

I got the wav file of the radio interference that you sent.. Sounds like an am sports station.

Does the interference disappear when you disconnect the phone line??????

Did you say the interference disappeared when you unplugged the microphone?????

When you listen on the telephone do you hear the radio station?????

What other things do you have connected to your computer?????

Don't forget any length of wire connected to the computer can pick up interference.

Did you try a different microphone??????

Hi. I hate it that I bothered you so much. I know it's hard for you to help with you there and and me here. What do you think?
I unplugged the phone and its still there so I don't know .. I don't have any more speakers to try. It doesn't happen when I use the head set. I just didn't want to have to use the head set all the time ... may be if I get a good microphone this one cost only about $6.00 or $7.00 what do you think...?

1. The interference did not go away when disconnecting the phone line.

2. No I do not hear it on the phone when I talk to people.

3. Yes, it left when the microphone was disconnected...

5. I have a printer hooked up and a scanner and a dye printer that is all and the cords are not very long..

It is no bother! It's probably the microphone. Try another microphone. I have a Labtec model am-242 here and it didn't cost much (about $15 I think).
I have a feeling that a new microphone will solve the problem. If you get the time, let me know how it turns out.
Good Luck.

Dear John,
Hi I am so happy .. I went and bought a microphone from radio shack and some wire (black) and grounded the computer and it worked.. I feel so good.. Thank you so very much I hope I was not a big bother.. thank you!

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