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Memories of Ramsgate

Recently, I had vague memories of wandering around the Sea-Front in Ramsgate at the age of 9 or 10 years of age. One memory, from 53 years ago, was of a cozy place not far from the booming waves of the Spring tidal surge. You could be down by the sea wall on the esplanade, with waves crashing against the sea wall, and in seconds you could be sitting on a comfortable bench in a quiet secluded nook. The boom of the waves being comfortably muffled by the short distance, the surrounding sandstone boulders (Pulhamite) and fragrant flower garden.

Because of the intervening mists of time, I could not remember exactly where this place was located.

Utilizing the modern wonder of Google Earth, I "flew" to Ramsgate from my present home of Davis, California" and looked around. I thought I spotted the place on the East cliff, past where the bathing pool used to be, but it is hard to tell what is on top of the cliff and what is undercliff from Earth orbit.
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Taking a closer look, revealed Winterstoke Gardens and some of the memories began to come back.
You can see the combination steps and walkway, leading down to the undercliff, on the Left side of the next picture.
The next picture shows the garden on the right, although it looks more narrow than it actually is.
Next is a picture of a secluded nook and a bench which has been vandalized recently.
Next picture shows the clifftop shelter in earlier days.
Next is the shelter as of 2007.

Davis, CA

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