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RFI Filter

Modem/Telephone Super Filters For HF and AM Radio Interference.

These nickel-zinc ferrite choke, plug-in, modem RF filters are convenient, inexpensive and extremely effective on all dial-up modems and telephones. These state of the art two stage telephone filters stop HF radio interference from disconnecting modems and jamming telephones. These filters are guaranteed to attenuate RF better than any other inexpensive plug-in filter on the market. Each filter is terminated with a modular plug and will work on all dial-up modems, including single line (2 wire) telephones. This radio frequency interference filter is extremely simple to install on your modem or telephone. Simply unplug the telephone line, plug in the filter and then plug the phone line into the filter. Now you can use your modem and telephone even in the presence of very strong HF RF fields.

This is a quality range of filters online for telephone interference and more at affordable prices. Modem filters, telephone filters, hf super filters and am super filters online now in California, USA.

Our plug-in filters also remove radio interference from FAX machines.

We now make two different filters. Model RF-1 and Model AM-1.
Model RF-1 has an RJ11 connector and it eradicates HF (short wave 1 to 30 MHz) interference. It works with all dial-up modems. It is colored Grey to differentiate it from the AM-1 filter

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Absolute unconditional money back guarantee if not satisfied!

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Model AM-1 also uses RJ11 connectors and it is for AM Broadcast band or Medium Wave interference. It's color is Black. (It will not work with DSL because it usually filters out the DSL data signal itself).

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Absolute unconditional money back guarantee if not satisfied!

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Filter measurements by Jim Brown K9YC
Click on the picture for the Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing by K9YC!

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